Inside Houseplants Galore: The Place and the People

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Hello friends of the plant community! If you are reading this for the first time I want to start out by saying thank you! We are a small humble community of people who are working to spread our message of proper plant and root care. You will hear things from us that will contradict info you have had before. We love all plants, whether it come from us, a grocery store, hardware store or your great grandparents! We have years of combined experience and techniques that have blended into a fun and functional work space. We are consistent with our training and explanation of what we are doing when we are selling and potting plants. We stand behind our plants and re-potting services.

Meet Carrie Compton!! Co owner and Mom of the store. She takes such tender care of pruning the plants to look absolutely beautiful. Carrie along with Steve (husband) owned Lil Sprouts until the landlord wanted to do something else with the property. Carrie was committed to relocating the houseplant department to a new retail location and founded Houseplants Galore in August 2019.

Meet Steve Compton! Co owner and root enthusiast! Steve has always taken his fascination and interest in the growth within the soil. He inspired the idea of our re-potting services and is passionate about proper root care. "You dont have a healthy plant unless you have happy roots."

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